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Tree Trail Trek Series

Tree Trail Treks are guided walks through our parks and open spaces hosted by a certified arborist and guest speakers to teach about the ethnobotanical, historical, cultural, and environmental significance of the location.

Martin Luther King Park
Saturday, March 30th

Join us in March as we walk through MLK Park. 

The park was originally established as Lone Star Brewery Park in 1901. This naming was connected to the nearby Lone Star Brewing Company, which had its headquarters in the area. Lone Star Brewery Park served as a recreational area and green space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

In 1982, the park underwent a significant transformation and was renamed to honor the memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the iconic civil rights leader known for his advocacy of racial equality and justice. The renaming of the park was part of a broader effort to commemorate Dr. King's contributions to the civil rights movement.

There is a lot of history and beautiful examples of different tree species that make up our urban forest.

This is a free event!

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