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Tree Trail Trek Series

Tree Trail Treks are guided walks through our parks and open spaces hosted by a certified arborist and guest speakers to teach about the ethnobotanical, historical, cultural, and environmental significance of the location.

Tamox Talom Food Forest 

at Padre Park

Join us on Sunday, November 5th from 1-3 pm for our fall Tree Trail Trek Series at the Tamox Talom Food Forest at Padre Park.

The Tamōx Talōm Community Food Forest is a 4-acre space designed and maintained by the San Antonio community. The food forest provides a source of fresh local food, builds resilience, environmental sustainability, wellness, and connections to our flourishing community. The project leaders are committed to community leadership, food sovereignty, and living co-creation with Southside residents.

During this walk, you will learn the historical, cultural, and environmental significance of Padre Park, why this place was chosen to plant a food forest, and the story behind how Tamox Talom was named.

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