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Group Planting a Tree

Project CANOPY
Cultivating and Nurturing Our Planet’s Youth

BBA in partnership with Northside Independent School District and the participating 4th and 5th-grade classes of five selected elementary schools would like to plant 510 trees throughout the campuses starting in the fall of 2023. This tree-planting project will expand the curriculum of the Environmental Science lesson by giving the students hands-on experience in planting trees. They will learn how to properly plant a tree and the future benefits of the planting on the school and the broader community. All elementary school campuses will be participating in The GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Program. The GLOBE Program is an international science and education program that focuses on promoting scientific literacy and building connections between people passionate about the environment. GLOBE has three primary goals: increasing environmental awareness, contributing to increased scientific understanding of the Earth and supporting improved student achievement in science and mathematics. By participating in GLOBE, students, teachers, researchers and lifelong learners can connect with the program’s global community. 

The five schools that have been chosen due to their risk factors as shown in My City’s Trees are Dr. Martha Mead Elementary School, Jim G. Martin Elementary School, Gregorio Esparza Elementary School, Frances M. Rhodes Elementary School, and Rita Kay Driggers Elementary School.

BBA is actively applying for grant funding and looking for sponsorships to fund this project. Each campus will be applying to participate in the Arbor Day Foundation's Tree Campus K-12 program. South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie, TX is featured as a case study of how the Tree Campus K-12 program can be successful in Texas. BBA will join NISD and the Texas Forest Service in celebrating Texas Arbor Day at Driggers Elementary by planting 136 trees on that campus!

Volunteer registration ends on September 2, 2023.

There are many benefits to planting trees at each of these schools. Studies have shown trees will help boost mental health while raising the student’s physical health. Strategically planted trees around the playground areas will help keep equipment cool so the students can use the equipment.

Trees Help:

  • Help students improve their focus.

  • Clean the air and water.

  • Help mitigate stormwater.

  • Provide shade for outdoor educational and playground space.

  • Help mitigate heat island effect.

The potential long-term impact of the project (based on 5 campuses with an average of 100 trees per campus totaling 500 trees) will provide a total of $214,845 worth of overall benefits. They will also provide the following mitigation benefits:

  • Intercept an estimated total of 8,662,615 gallons of rainfall and help avoid 1,735,445 gallons of stormwater runoff.
  • Conserve an estimated total of 692,043 Kilowatt-hours of electricity and reduce consumption of heating fuel by 5,030 therms.
  • The total air quality benefits of these trees are shown in the graph at left. The estimated total removal is 11,050 pounds or 4.42 tons.
  • The trees will reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) by a total amount of 2,381,195 pounds or 1,190 tons.
Image by Courtney Hedger


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